Member Exclusive

1st of many exclusives just for our members

~~~ Google's flagship Cloud event ~~~

WE THANK Google for being generous and giving us 20+ FREE PASSES for Google Cloud Next '19 ( )

⋙ We had applicants for the free pass from out-of-city, out-of-state & and even out-of-country, as they work with us/our community when here!

⋙ We THANK our VOLUNTEERS for the 36 hours continuous coverage Fri/Mar-1 & Sat/Mar-2 to cater to our Community and issue the passes!

⋙ If you received the free pass, Kudos to you for being appreciative of our efforts by being prompt and complete in your responses

~ We appreciate those of you who were willing to chip-in to help us offset expenses for yet-to-be-decided Community-Spirit swag —and— appreciate those unable being upfront, and now that you have the pass, you know we genuinely meant chip-in is OPTIONAL :-)

~ Let's all enjoy GCN'19 ... and whatever you do, do NOT miss the evening concert on Apr-10 :-)

Though OUR passes have expired ~ You can still attend/register directly at Google Cloud Next '19

IF you do NOT want to miss another of our Member-Exclusives in the FUTURE, then Click here to become a registered member while membership is still FREE