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✥ Agenda — 6pm to 9pm tentative flow below

      • you are welcome to come before 6pm … we will be there from 5:20ish

~~~ 6ishNETWORKING ... with PIZZA from our Sponsor :-)

7:00 — TALK / PRESENTATION / HybridCloudLabs™

8:20 — NETWORKING Continued

~~~ 8:40wrap-up

8:55 — good night folks!

Terms & Conditions:

  • WASTAGE: Remember we have a NO WASTAGE policy in effect to prevent wastage of — (a) Food, (b) Time & Effort, and (c) Resources, e.g., IF you do NOT attend (a.k.a. NO SHOW), you will be denying a seat to someone else who could benefit from this opportunity ~and~ you will be wasting the discounted pass
~~~ sponsors do NOT discount no-shows ~and~ we will be giving the list of NO-SHOWS to the sponsors
  • POWER: We recommend you bring a laptop that can run on a charge for at least 3.5 hours. There will be extensions & power strips for your convenience, however, we are NOT responsible for any oops.
  • WEB: The facility has network BUT we are NOT able to guarantee level of service. Recommend you have your own hot-spots.

SIDE-NOTE: We are working on getting more full-featured venues, however, then the cost will increase.