HCCUG.org™ is now HybridCloudGroup.org™

  • HybridCloudGroup.org preserves HCCUG.org LOGO & URL as they have 10-years of history, local and online (a.k.a. Google juice)
  • Per HCCUG.org's 10th anniversary announcements, as of 2019, all HCCUG.org efforts are powered by HybridCloudGroup.org … more info see About us

Gist of how this got started

  • In Dec2017, Google reached out to HCCUG.org and asked if HCCUG.org could run their Cloud User Group for Houston. Tex had to decline as HCCUG.org is an established vendor-neutral pro-privacy community effort.
  • Google then stressed that, (a) this was not about the regular GDG (Google Developer Group) that had failed in Houston, (b) but rather a NEW Google effort called GDG "Cloud" meetup group, and (c) that we would be free to continue our local modus operandi established by HCCUG.org
  • It seemed like a good idea that would benefit our Community & Google, so, I/Valentino agreed to be the organizer for their GDG Cloud Meetup, and in true Texas-Spirit, did all I could to bridge & grow the 2 worlds, Google Cloud with our Houston Cloud community, and that started by naming it Houston Google Cloud User Group, per the local community nomenclature, which was fine by them, at that time/Dec-2017.


✥ A big shout out from our 108+ registrants of our 1st "Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML" event, to our amazing speaker Lak (Google's BD & ML Tech Lead) and Jake Krupski (our Google contact) for an awesome Feb-20 evening — Thank you Google!

— Thank you Hybrid Decisions Corp, for being our Founding Patron, and for sponsoring all our efforts that led to this event, and continuing to fund us with all our endeavors!

Some folks thought our Feb-20 event was a Google event, so, here's some clarification:

⟹ These are our events and our attendees can rest assured that Google (just like all our previous sponsors) is very understanding of our local group's practices — e.g., member privacy, your registration information will not be disclosed/shared without your consent — to date we have NEVER given out our member/attendee list :-)

⟹ HCCUG.org™ periodically runs specific technology focused SPECIAL EVENTS (such as this one) , and we always highlight the Vendor (Google/Microsoft/Snowflake/Canonical) that sponsors a specific event ( in addition to our Patron :-)

⟹ Big-shout out to those who understand us and continue to support us & our values:

  • Microsoft for recognizing our vendor agnostic, member privacy, and still giving us venue, speakers, content, etc., without even asking to be named co-sponsors of specific events, since 2008
  • Google, for recognizing & following suit, since 2018
  • Hybrid Decisions, our Founding Patron, for having funded us since 2008, and helping us grow while keeping our values!


HCCUG.org™ and Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston)

— Valentino Moreign, Organizer of GDG Cloud Houston a.k.a. Houston Google Cloud User Group

Recently/2019 Google instated NEW folks & guidelines for all their GDG meetups.

✥ One in particular, their NEW Post-Event Survey, required all GDG meetups to provide the "Sexual Identity of Speakers & Attendees" after every GDG meetup/event.

⟹ NOTE: I/Valentino, as the Organizer for GDG Cloud Houston, reiterated to Google that we are PRO-PRIVACY to the point that we have never even given email addresses to our Sponsors, so, profiling attendees/speakers is an absolute NO.

⟹ RESULT: Google is honoring our Pro-Privacy values ~and~ the Post-Event Survey (that requires the Sex Identity data) … is NOT mandatory for us, Houston Google Cloud User Group a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston meetup.

REST ASSURED, as long as I/Valentino am the Organizer of GDG Cloud Houston, you can attend any event knowing you will NOT be PROFILED, as I continue HCCUG.org™ values forward :-)

Am extremely THANKFUL for and to

⟹ our Friends & Community for giving me the support

⟹ HCCUG.org™

(a) for funding EVERY GDG Cloud Houston event to date — either in-full or in-part,

(b) for helping me get Google a footing here — fyi: regular GDG Houston failed twice,

(c) for giving Google the HCCUG.org™ bump — including sharing their Dec-2018 party, and

(d) for their pivotal role in helping me make the very FIRST effort of GDG Cloud Houston a success!

⟹ While we are at, it is important to remember those who stood by us steadfast for 10+ years

✥ MICROSOFT Houston for honoring all our values, giving us venue & more whenever we needed it … thank you!

✥ HYBRID DECISIONS, our Patron, our Volunteers, Speakers, Attendees, and vibrant Houston community :-)