Showcase : Success Stories
of our community (from across all our focus-groups & user-groups)

"Shootin*IT with Brothers Moreign™" series — recognizes folks who otherwise may go unrecognized … tell their story in a manner that is "relaxed, raw, & real™" … and maybe even give them a/our bump.

  • Does *IT mean Invaluable Thought, and/or is it a pun on Info Tech, or the word "it" itself, and/or the phrase "shooting-it", and/or the subtle messaging that we are from Texas, and/or that Valentino & Zane are Tex's sons, or something else … ?

2021-July-22 HybridCloudGroup.org™ Showcase (post-event content to be added shortly)

story of a non-techie who wanted to get into computing, came to our Houston Cloud Computing User Group event Jan-2020was introduced to Houston Kotlin User Group, started his tech life with Kotlin and the FREE JetBrains IDE, built his first Android App … and got his first tech job at a Fortune 500 company, in 2020 despite covid!

one of those who cared enough to comeback and thank us ... and we are happy to support his debut in Speaking on tech!

NOTE: post-event updates (e.g., photos/videos/articles) … are underway, do bear with us :-)

Bonus: this is from back in 2010

2010 HybridCloudGroup.org™ Showcase (Microosft showcasing us!)

Microsoft TechNet Radio Community Corner John Weston and Anthony {Tex} Moreign — an unedited single-take interview with Microsoft's John Weston (who is no longer at Microsoft)

  • This UNEDITED SINGLE-TAKE video, taken in 2010, when HCCUG.org™ moved from a closed group to an open group. tid-bit: Tex was under the weather and still made the interview.

  • 2021-H2 Update: this video is now public … John Weston is no longer at Microsoft … see www.HCCUG.org / HybridCloudGroup.org™ and how far we have come since then.