While the world catches up to where we were years ago

(e.g., the stampede triggered by Elon Musk's tweet ... reg. WhatsApp's privacy)

… those of you who follow linkedin.com/today/author/ZaneMoreign have been ahead of the herd and enjoying Zane's FREE pro-privacy ideas & FREE tools for quite a few years!

he is back with a whole lot more :-)

Personal Note:: what I share may not be posh & polished ... but will be of value & straight-to-the-point.

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ {Digital Privacy + Survival + More} Offerings

  • covering focused for Living the Online-Life™, Living the Remote-Life™, Living the Mobile-Life™ , and more for Windows 10 & 11, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS

  • builds upon some of the Talks + Articles + Videos + Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit™ (DPSK™) … since 2017 … revamped, realigned, refined, & kept relevant for 2021

  • given the surge in Ransomware — ramping up events based on the NEW Simple_Safety™ releases for 2021 (refined over the years, since 2017).

1 ≋ Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Events

Personal Note: This is just about what I have done regarding Simple_Safety™ (building upon years of speaking/co-speaking at multiple events/conferences)

2021 Jun-12 (online) and Jun-16 (in-person event, 6-8pm):
another Exclusive Talk for Houston Investors Association (HIA) — this is primarily for HIA members,

2021 July-22 (in-person event), click here to register

  • Anyone (members & non-members) can apply, but seating is limited to only confirmed attendees.

  • confirmations will be sent on a rolling basis,

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ : Living the Online-Life

2≋ Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Articles & Posts

3≋ Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Video Series

Playlist: Teasers, Talks, & Events

e.g., raising the question as to "Why Facebook & other trackers are on my bank account web page — after I log into my account? If that matter then attend the Talks, and if you are unable to attend, then the enjoy the recordings :-)

Playlist: Tutorials & How-To's

e.g., using Teams via the WebBrowser without downloading/installing Teams software, and using the tools within DPSK™

Playlist: Product Gotchas & Reviews — it's about what to look for in a product

e.g., heat-maps showing the heat bleeding through the keyboard, and highlighting the ridiculous new-location of the power-button on some models

4≋ Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit™ (DPSK™)

for Windows 10 & 11, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS

These FREE/LIBRE Third-Party Offerings ("TPO") are — (1) simple to use, (2) easy to install/setup, (3) cross-platform (i.e., Windows and *nix, and also Mac), (4) pro-privacy, (5) with encryption … etc., … basically, keep us safe online.

The TPO are grouped together into functional focus sections, which together make up the complete DPSK™. For simplicity, it is kept up to date with concise choices [remember: "cutting thru the noise"].

This new DPSK™ launched in 2021 … is the result of years of evolution & growth expanding upon the vision of the initial "Zane's Simple_Safety™ Toolkit FREE for Friends-n-Family" [that started in 2017 and is End-of-Life (EOL) 2020].

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~~~ Zane's Simple_Safety™ Toolkit FREE for Friends-n-Family … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020 ~~~

  • After the surge of ransomware in 2016, coupled with the massive Telemetry Gathering in Windows 10, Zane Moreign (of our Incubation Labs) launched his Simple_Safety™ series to offer simple & safer computing tools-n-tips to our Friends-n-Family and Community — for FREE — by carving out some $0 Tools-n-Tips from our commercial Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Platform (click here for gist)

  • All credit goes to Zane Moreign for creating this and continuing to make every effort to keep this toolkit up-to-date and current with the latest release of Windows 10, and for getting sponsorship/recognition from us/Hybrid Decisions®, Tor Project, DoD/US Air Force Research Labs, and others.

  • Over the years Zane has evolved his Simple_Safety™ Toolkit … which was like playing whack-a-mole with the constant shifting/changes of Windows10 with every build/release (now, DPSK™: Band-Aids for Windows).

DPSK™ : Living the Online-Life (focus: bare-minimum for web-browsing)

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updated Jun 11, 2021, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • Web browsers: IridiumBrowser.de the better option for Windows that is built on the same Open-Source Chromium codebase that powers Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge browsers. Ungoogled Chromium for Linux. Tor Browser for generic browsing.

  • Search Engine for any browser: metager.org (pulls from multiple search engines), Whoogle-Search (think safer google search, can be selfhosted), we noticed better these superseded DuckDuckGo.

Have linked every suggested product so you can do your due-diligence, educate yourself, and decide for yourself ... am not reinventing the wheel by rehashing what they have already explained.

DPSK™ : Living the Remote-Life (focus: remote-working with laptop)

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updated Jun 11, 2021, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • Text, and Calls (audio & video) that is on your phone AND laptop/computer - https://signal.org/download/
    NOTE: there are those, incl. techies, who whine about signal
    not having some bells-n-whistles that their current NON pro-privacy apps offer; well, here's a gentle reminder — this site is meant for those who CARE about their Privacy and WANT to take ACTION (so, do not waste our time with why you do not like signal :-)

  • Using only a browser (nothing-to-install) online meetings FREE https://teams.live.com ... that outclasses most everyone else's free offerings

  • This is in addition to DPSK™ : Living the Online-Life™

DPSK™ : Living the Mobile-Life (focus: streamlining phones/devices)

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updated: Jun-13, St. Anthony's Feast

DPSK™ : Band-aids, Duct-tape, WD-40, & More for Windows 10 & 11

  1. Band-aids_for_Windows™ : whack-a-mole tools to plug holes & leaks that increase risk of ransomware (e.g., see below tools)

  2. Duct-tape_for_Windows™ : try to stop things from falling-off, disappearing, or from being ransomed (e.g., antivirus, etc.)

  3. WD-40_for_Windows™ : makes things move smoother & less squeakier (e.g., cleaners, optimizers, debloaters, etc. … some of these WD-40 tools-n-tips require some technical expertise, some non-techies can do :-)

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after significant research ... Initial Release: 2017-Oct
updated Jun 28, 2021, the windows 11 first preview build & again for the next preview ..65

Concise set of Third-Party Offerings ("TPO") that do their best to plug the privacy & other holes in Windows 10 & Windows 11. Some of these TPOs have been around since Windows10 first previewed.

The most comprehensive of the lot — proceed with caution

(CAUTION: This can gut the entire "store/metro apps" thus reducing the noise/chatter — making Windows fly :-)


  • IF you want all of these aspects PLUS a whole lot more, built-in and ready to go … try to get Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Operating System SaferOS

  • I CANNOT help anyone get into the HDC-CAP via which you are granted access to SaferOS™, though I am part of their Incubation Labs.

  • I am not being paid to talk about them or any vendor — am doing it so you are aware that there is a company that takes care of all these things and more, a company that helped Microsoft (see their 3 Microsoft Case Studies)