Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Offerings

Upcoming-Events: given the recent surge in Ransomware ... the following events are based on the NEW Simple_Safety™ Series for 2021 (built over the years since 2017) by Zane Moreign

2021 Jun-12: another Exclusive Talk for Houston Investors Association (HIA) — this is a restricted-event only for HIA members,

2021 Jun-16:™ event on Simple_Safety™ — this is limited to only confirmed attendees.

  • Anyone ( members & non-members) can apply, but seating is limited

  • confirmations will be sent on a rolling basis,

  • registration opens Jun-13, St. Anthony's Feast.

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ for Banking Online

While the world catches up to where we were years ago (e.g., the stampede triggered by Elon Musk's tweet, "use signal") those of you who follow our have been ahead of the herd and enjoying Zane's pro-privacy suggestions for quite a few years ... now he is back with a whole lot more :-)

Last Update: 2021-Jun

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit™ (DPSK™)

These FREE/LIBRE tools are — (1) simple to use, (2) easy to install/setup, (3) cross-platform (i.e., Windows and *nix, and also Mac), (4) pro-privacy, (5) with encryption … etc., … basically, keep us safe online.

DPSK™ : Living the Online-Life (focus: bare-minimum for web-browsing)

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updated Jun 11, 2021, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • Web bowsers: the better option for Windows that is built on the same Open-Source Chromium codebase that powers Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge browsers. Ungoogled Chromium for Linux. Tor Browser for generic browsing.

  • Search Engine for any browser: the option that beat out even DuckDuckGo (not wasting time even talking about other search-engines).

Have linked every suggested product so you can do your due-diligence, educate yourself, and decide for yourself ... am not reinventing the wheel by rehashing what they have already explained.

DPSK™ : Living the Remote-Life (focus: remote-working with laptop)

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notice: 2020-Mar

while we are adapting to life with COVID … thank Zane for the FREE tools for remote life during COVID.

updated Jun 11, 2021, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These were originally part of my, Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Toolkit FREE for Friends-n-Family.

  • Based on feedback/requests I will releasing simple how-to videos and more in 2021.

DPSK™ : Living the Mobile-Life (focus: streamlining phones/devices)

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updated: Jun-13, St. Anthony's Feast

DPSK™ : Band-Aids for Windows (focus: surviving on Windows)

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after siginigicant research ... Initial Release: 2017-Oct
updated Jun 11, 2021, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Comprehensive set of Third-Party Offerings ("TPO"), some of which have been around since Windows10 was released ... this list has been periodically updated and dead links removed and new links added as need keeping the choices to a minimum for simpilicity.

The most comprehensive of the lot ... proceed with caution

(CAUTION: This can gut the entire "store/metro apps" thus reducing the noise/chatter ... making Win10 fly)