About Us

HCCUG Vision
The Houston Cloud & Cluster (Computing) User Group offers the community opportunities to learn more about the cloud and its various offerings, from a consumer and business perspective.    We are vendor neutral, i.e., this site is powered by Google, we meet in person at the Microsoft Houston Office, we present on multiple Microsoft and NON-Microsoft technologies (such as Office365, Azure, Google Apps, Amazon), including the equipment and infrastructure to power cloud computing.

HCCUG History
Founded in 2008, the Houston Cloud & Cluster (Computing) User Group was formed with the need to provide a community for people to understand and prepare for the next generation of computing. With the vision of the next generation computing, founder Anthony "Tex" Moreign, knew the need for a forum to provide information, resources and an unbiased community would be needed. Starting in 2010, the group has been open to the public with quarterly meetings. In 2013 changes are in progress to go to a monthly meeting format and expand on presentation and discussion topics.

HCCUG founding sponsor:   HybridDecisions.com

progress of HCCUG
2008 to 2010  - Members Only, sponsored by HybridDecisions.com - HCCUG = Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group
2010 to 2014  - Open Quarterly meetings, sponsored by HybridDecisions.com - HCCUG = Houston Cloud Computing User Group
2015 onwards - Open Monthly meetings, sponsored by HybridDecisions.com - HCCUG = Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group

people behind HCCUG

Anthony {Tex} M              – founder, HCCUG & HDC

Samantha Moreign           – co-founder, HCCUG & HDC

John Hellman                   – former president of HDNUG.org

Victor Chataboon              – chairman, H-SPUG.org and SharePoint Saturday Houston

David Cravey                    – president of C++ User Group & Microsoft MVP

Michael Steinberg             – president, HoustonTechFest.com

NOTE: Our thanks to Valentino {Tex} Moreign and Zane {Tex} Moreign - our invaluable founding members!