Houston C & C++ User Group

focus is on the upcoming C2x (C23) and C++23 standards,
features of which are already being suppported by some compliers

David Cravey (Microsoft MVP of MVPs, and a whole lot more) —

  • founded the Houston Visual C++ User Group (a.k.a. Houston C++ User Group) in 2010,

  • shortly thereafter collaborated/combined with us/HCCUG.org …

  • in 2019, approved Zane Moreign to add the "C" on linux focus to this group, made Zane the primary organizer, and renamed this group to — Houston C & C++ User Group.

Zane Moreign (Simple_Safety™ Series & DPSK™; founder, organizer, speaker, Houston Kotlin UG; primary organizer & speaker, Houston C & C++UG) —

  • @ZaneMoreign (or) @TexZane (pun on Texan, and TechZane)

  • https://zane.moreign.com

  • https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/ZaneMoreign

new for 2021: we have our own dedicated space on HybridCloudGroup.org™ and are looking at ways to make this group more valuable to a wider audience, and will update that in the weeks ahead ...

July-22 Event … is about that which impacts the go-forward of this group

new HybridCloudLabs™ complete developer series, details to be provided soon

Meanwhile, feel free to contact us to suggest ideas, participate, and/or get involved :-)