Brothers_Moreign™ Simpler_AI±Quanatum™

Brothers_Moreign™   Simpler_AI±Quantum™  

spanning  Industry + Academia

Brothers_Moreign™ = Valentino Moreign Zane Moreign

—  the only Americans in the top 10  — 

6th out of 7573 teams worldwide in a Global AI/ML Competition … see article 

Valentino's Research & More … see below

Zane's Research & More beyond what is on his Simple_Safety™ is slated for release Summer 2024

1≋ Published Research … on  

3 Talks, Events, & Conferences  

Upcoming Event:   click here to register

Past events … multiple events spanning Cloud, DataScience, and AI,  at various conferences/events, e.g., HoustonTechFest, SQLSaturday Houston, SharePoint Saturday Houston (every one until 2016), and  since 2014,  in addition to co-speaking at various events even before that,  and exhibitor at Microsoft's World Partner Conference 2013 … not listed here as focus is not crystallized (some listed on