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    Expanding beyond tech ...  here's a sneak peek of what is NEW for 2024 ... yes, they too are FREE :-) 

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▹  "secure by default" — Book_of_Moreign™

▹  "insulate yourself by default" — Book_of_Moreign™

"check & freeze your credit, and only thaw it when needed, and that too for a tight window" — Book_of_Moreign™

There are several credit/data agencies, but these are the big/primary ones, for now, who have expanded globally!    Remember to always Create a login, so, you can CHECK your credit, FREEZE it, THAW/unfreeze just before you need to use it, and that too only for a tight window, so it AUTO-FREEZES) ... KEEP it accurate & safe ... God Bless!

Food-for-thought: (feel free to search this) 

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 "keep your finger on the pulse" — Book_of_Moreign™

Finance dictates our day-to-day life, cost of goods, lay-offs, raises, etc. — so even if we are not going to invest,  it is imperative that we learn to be aware.   After dabbling around for a few years, realized that charting tools paint the most realistic near-realtime picture of the markets.  After playing around with various products, and seeing some promising startups morph/fade/etc., I landed on TradingView.   After testing them for many months, TradingView  stood out for me to the point I decided to become an  affiliate.

BTW:   … and what platform/operating-system/browser are you using to do all this?

IF that matters to you then take a look at  Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™  on this site