HCCUG.org™ is now HybridCloudGroup.org™

  • HybridCloudGroup.org preserves HCCUG.org LOGO & URL as they have 10-years of history, local and online (a.k.a. Google juice)
  • Per HCCUG.org's 10th anniversary announcements, effective 2019, all HCCUG.org efforts are powered by HybridCloudGroup.org … more info see About us

✥ Our streamlined community user groups/meetups

continuing to provide something new/fresh/different with the Cloud — both closed source & open source.

2019 ♦ Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group ... TensorFlow approved … ORGANIZER: Valentino Moreign

with guidance from former Microsoft Research and other Microsofties, now at AWS, Google, etc.,

2019 ♦ Houston Kotlin user group … KotlinLang.org/JetBrains approvedORGANIZER: Zane Moreign

2019 ♦ Houston PostgreSQL user group … ORGANIZER: Zane Moreign

2017 ♦ ~~~ revamped ~~~ and exploded from a cozy <300 members to ~1K in 1 year … see about us

2010 ♦ Houston C & C++ user group… to focus on what {Tex} calls Crux Computing (covering Rust, D, etc.) … ORGANIZERS: C++: David Cravey, and C: Zane Moreign & {Tex}

… Houston C++ user group was founded by Microsoft MVP of MVP's, our friend, & all-round great guy, DAVID CRAVEY, … Expanded focus , with David's blessing, to include more C lang efforts of Zane Moreign

2008 ♦ Houston Cloud Computing user group… {HCCUG.org} to focus on Performance Computing (includes Cluster, IoT, and Quantum computing) … by {Tex} & Samantha

⟹≻ founded in 2008 as Houston Cloud & Cluster user group focused on HPC & the "then new" thing called Cloud … and was renamed to Houston Cloud Computing to highlight us as THE Cloud folks for Houston, after all our founder/Tex was part of the Microsoft's cloud happenings under NDA
⟹≻ in 2018, GOOGLE requested HCCUG.org to run Google's NEW cloud meetup for Houston ~~~ details here … ORGANIZER: Valentino Moreign

Jul-30: Monthly Cadence (evening)

Networking-n-Talks ⟹ Launching NEW Houston Kotlin User Group

✥ Simple_Safety™ for Decision Makers and Devs: Why Kotlin?

will cover topics like Licensing Oracle JDK, Oracle's OpenJDK, and Feature comparison between Java & Kotlin

✥ Speakers ⟹ Zane Moreign + guest-speaker Scott Wierschem

click here to SELECT your FOOD and RESERVE your seat ~ Confirmations will be sent on a rolling basis

save-the-date: Saturday, Oct-19-2019, "DevDay"

for the FIRST HybridCloudNow™ Conference

... followed by the HybridCloudFest™ (after-event)

✥ covering AI, DataScience, HybridCloud, etc ...

✥ with speakers from OpenSource, Microsoft, RedHat, and more …

venue sponsor: MICROSOFT Houston

Microsoft Technology Center, 750 Town and Country Blvd, 10th Floor, Houston, TX 77024

CLARIFICATIONS: Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston)

REST ASSURED, as long as I/Valentino am the Organizer of GDG Cloud Houston, you can attend any event knowing you will NOT be PROFILED, as I continue HCCUG.org™ values forward :-)

Am extremely THANKFUL for and to

⟹ our Friends & Community for giving me the support

⟹ HCCUG.org™

(a) for funding EVERY GDG Cloud Houston event to date — either in-full or in-part,

(b) for helping me get Google a footing here — fyi: regular GDG Houston failed twice,

(c) for giving Google the HCCUG.org™ bump — including sharing their Dec-2018 party, and

(d) for their pivotal role in helping me make the very FIRST effort of GDG Cloud Houston a success!

While we are at, it is important to remember those who stood by us steadfast for 10+ years

⟹ MICROSOFT Houston for honoring all our values, giving us venue & more whenever we needed it … thank you!

⟹ HYBRID DECISIONS, our Patron, our Volunteers, Speakers, Attendees, and vibrant Houston community :-)

Launches & Improvements in 2019/2020

⤷ BUT our core principles remain, such as, MEMBER PRIVACY (attendee list, food choices, etc.)

      • In 10+ years, we have NEVER given out our member/attendee list, and thank our sponsors for respecting this!!
      • new Sponsor-invitee Feedback: Sponsors need to know who they invited and who showed up. Sponsors get a list of, "ONLY those attendees who flag they were invited by that particular Sponsor" during attendee registration (e.g., those who flagged "via Google employee" for event-190220) — Launched!

⤷ New streamlined focus between meetups & events,

      • new entity HybridCloudGroup.org to take over HCCUG.org's efforts & more — Launched!
      • streamlined Houston Cloud Computing user group back to our roots of performance/cluster/distributed computing & more Launched!
      • new Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group — Launched!
      • new Houston Kotlin user group organized by Zane Moreign, with approval from JetBrains — Launching July-2019 !
      • new C language focus added by Zane Moreign (inherited from Tex), with David Cravey's blessing, to David's C++ user group — Launched!
      • new Monthly Cadence (LAST TUESDAY**), multiple Venue option, multiple focus User Groups, and more — Launched!
        • More venues to be announced for other events as needed.

⤷ New "NETWORKING" focused programs & events:

      • new HybridCloudLabs™ BRING YOU LAPTOP program for hands-on topics, such as, Machine Learning, Azure, Linux, Zane's Simple_Safety™ series, etc.
      • new Network-n-Talks program to focus on more time for Peer-to-Peer networking/connections/chats, while still having some focused Talk(s).
      • new first HybridCloudNow™ conference with HybridCloudFest™ (after-event), HybridCloudConnect™, and New HybridCloudInsiders™ are in collaboration with HybridDecisions.com
      • new LIMITED Sponsor program ~ we want our members to feel comfortable attending without being badgered with access to select vendors, e.g., Microsoft, Google, RedHat, Amazon/AWS, etc.

⤷ New membership program:

      • ALL our Meetup.com user groups will continue to be @no-charge membership :-)
      • We strive to ensure NO WASTAGE of — (a) Food, (b) Effort, and (c) Resources, e.g., denying a seat to someone who really wanted to attend/learn/network — while still trying to provide more services/benefits (e.g., dietary constraints) and taking care of those who take care of such things, and recognize Speakers & Volunteers, etc.
      • Therefore, ONLY confirmed reservations will have access to events. Ensure you are a registered HybridCloudGroup.org member. Only those registered on this site are eligible to be confirmed and can provide us their preferences, such as, food choices/dietary constraints!
      • To be able to afford these things, we will be launching new LIMITED sponsorship program, new option for members who wish to pay/support our efforts (of course with new benefits) … and welcome any ideas/suggestions!
      • Those who know us know we support those who support us
        1. Those who braved traffic/weather/etc., over the years to attend our events, i.e., Active Members*** before 2019 will be grandfathered into one of the new paid membership levels ~ let's continue to grow together!!!
        2. Those who Serve(d), e.g., our Veterans, etc. we aim to provide extremely feasible options

** NO monthly meetings in Nov & Dec as that's family time but stay tuned as there could be some surprises :-)***Active Members are those who have attended at a minimum of "1" in-person event, yes you read that correctly, "one" event/meetup in a 12 month rolling period and are registered here/HybridCloudGroup.org!

… it has begun …

IF you recognize and desire to be a part of this wave

{ /***
    • then, and only then, register for one of our events directly on this site
    • and we will enroll you at the still FREE Membership Level
    • Meetup.com DOES NOT COUNT — as we want to give you more that what Meetup.com offers. i.e., food & drink choices,



♥ Support those who support us/you ♥

So, YOU have "no-charge" events with refreshments

      • BTW: Do you want to Sponsor | Advertise ? click here

Hybrid Decisions® — Founding Patron, since 2008

  • Our Founding Patron for everything, including getting us Microsoft & Google resources/sponsorship
  • Hybrid Decisions Corp has been funding ALL our expenses since inception in 2008

Microsoft — since 2008 … for trusting us

Houston: for providing us with speakers, venue, and trusting us to lock-up after!

Redmond: for providing us with speakers, and trusting us with early/pre-release content, etc.

Google — since 2018, for partially sponsoring few of their Google events,

and Hybrid Decisions for sponsoring EVERY Google event, in-part or in-full for most events.

In addition to our groups (listed above) ~ we believe the below groups/events provide value for our members

  • NOTE: We are NOT paid by any of the following entities/persons to list/advertise their events here.

SQL Saturday Hou & BR

we thank Houston Area SQL Server User Group for having us speak at every SQL Saturday in Houston, and brssug for inviting us in 2018

Houston SQL Server User Group

Baton Rouge SQL Server Usr Group

we thank them for having us every year (except 2018 due to schedule conflict)

Houston .NET User Group

Houston AZURE User Group

Houston LINUX User Group

more to be listed