Showcase :  Success Stories
of our community (from across all our focus-groups & user-groups)

Congrats  Brothers_Moreign™  {Valentino + Zane}    &    Massimo Martinelli 

for  placing  6th  out  of  7573  teams  in  a  worldwide  AI/ML  competition
—  the only Americans in the top 10  — 

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Disclosure:   this is the first time ever that Valentino, Zane, Massimo have competed in an AI competition

Kickin*IT with  Brothers_Moreign™ series 

— recognizes folks who otherwise may go unrecognized … tell their story in a manner that is "relaxed, raw, & real™" … and maybe even give them a/our bump.

Stay tuned for more...

Corey Prevost is one of those who cared enough to thank us, and wants to give back ... stay tuned for more :-)

Bonus:   this is from back in 2010

▸  2010™ Showcase  (Microosft showcasing us!)

Microsoft TechNet Radio Community Corner John Weston and Anthony {Tex} Moreign — an unedited single-take interview with Microsoft's John Weston  (who is no longer at Microsoft)