GDG Cloud Houston, launched in 2018 per Google's request to Valentino, with the freedom to run per our local ways, and was named  Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston) per nomenclature used by local tech user groups.    

sunset ... more info below

disclosure:  Personallyfrom Valentino Moreign 

Founder & Organizer,    GDG Cloud Houston

    REST ASSUREDas long as I/Valentino am the Organizer of GDG Cloud Houston,  you can attend any of our events knowing that no data about you will be turned over to Google's GDG Team, as I continue™ values (e.g., Pro-Privacy), the very basis upon which I obliged Google's request to launch GDG Cloud Houston  :-)


Therefore, I am  all the more  THANKFUL  to all those who have been and continue to support me … 

⟹   Our Friends &  Community both locally & globally ... you know who you are, thank you!


⟹   Google's OCTO,  Research, PR Teams  have been very supportive of™ community as a whole, and recognize our PRO-PRIVACY efforts!    NOT to be confused with the Google Developer Group (GDG) Team & its rapidly evolving policies.   Of course, there are some awesome folks within the GDG team, e.g., Kubra

2017-Dec:    Gist of how this got started

2018-Dec Party:     Heart of Texas Menu 
  Beef Brisket, Chili Stew,  Three Bean Salad,  with all the fixings :-)

Custom Specialty Menu for those with allergies and dietary restrictions:  

2 types of Japanese Noodles, Japanese Egg Fried Rice, Japanese Eggless/Vegetarian Fried Rice,   and Indo-Chinese  Kosher/Halal Chicken, with white/brown/dark chocolate marble cake and a goody-bag to-go :-)  

2019-Jun:  Clarifications about Houston Google Cloud User Group  & GDG Cloud Houston.

Google's  Developer Group (GDG) Team has been rapidly evolving from being Android Dev focused regular GDG meetups, to the new cloud focused GDG Cloud meetups.   Among the NEW 2019 changes that Google's GDG Team instated (e.g., NEW folks & guidelines) for all their regular GDG & GDG Cloud meetups ... the following 2 are especially important for our community.

1✥  Standardize their GDG nomenclature to distinguish regular GDG Houston (the old android focused groups) from the NEW Google's Cloud focused groups, thus requiring us to change our name from "Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston)"  ~to~  "GDG Cloud Houston".   

2✥  Their NEW Post-Event Survey,  required  all GDG meetups to provide the  Gender/Sex Info of  Speakers & Attendees  after every  GDG meetup/event.  

2021-Apr:  Important notice to ALL members of  "GDG Cloud Houston" 

Long story short  —  you are now aware of the ISSUES, and the resulting immediate steps that™ is helping us with
so, those who —

(a) APPRECIATE the various benefits offered by™ (e.g., PRO-PRIVACY to the point that we declined to provide the gender/sex info requested by Google’s GDG Team)


(b) WANT to continue to enjoy the additional existing (and upcoming) benefits of™ 

▸ ▸ ▸ you are welcome to  click here to apply to become a member of™  

Upcoming Events

as part of being supported by™,  we get  this space on their site, full funding upfront for all events (since inception, social media support fully paid for by™),  and most importantly the continued bump, e.g., our events being announced on the™  events page thus giving our events even more visibility to members of their other groups too …  click here for upcoming events