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goal:  to nurture a vibrant local  & non-local community,

feasibility:  continuing to grand-father our events at no-charge  … primarily thanks to our Founding Patron for sponsoring! 

features:  phasing in various event types/formats  in addition to our Exclusive (restricted, strict security),  Special (collaborations), and Christmas events

function:  simplefied the single-point for everything 

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our event type/formats are different from user-group meetings, as they vary from event to event and have a mix of below event segments

Next Houston public in-person event:  TBA

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▸  common-sense Safety  (covid, weather, or otherwise):    

▸  venues …  pay attention to your event-confirmation email for venue & more

▸  default in-person event formatunless otherwise specified by event …   

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  Private-Time:  we have limited availability, but will do our best to accommodate ahead of time … sorry, no walk-ins. 

4:30 to 5:40 — dedicated time-slots to reserve in advance 1:1 Private-Time for no-charge businesses only consult

5:40 to 6:40 — dedicated time-slots to reserve in advance 1:1 Private-Time for no-charge businesses and/or personal consult

  6:00 Social-Time relax, network & connect   ~~~   folks are welcome to come in earlier :-)

  7:00 Focus-Time: multiple segments, varies by event  ~~~  hard start, as we have folks online

8:30 — move to our event-lobby (not facility lobby) for Networking / Q&A  / Wrap-Time

8:55 — everyone is out of the building as facility closes — good night folks!

*** event made possible by our Founding Patron,

sample  Events  to give you an idea of what we offer  (excluding  2020 to 2008)  

Featured  exclusive restricted event … press was not allowed … click here

MONTH -long event:   

Houston TensorFlow User Group

starts   2021-Aug-2

All our user-groups are welcome to participate in this TensorFlow event FREE  30 Days of Machine Learning
beginner → Kaggle competitor in 30 days. Non-coders welcome.