About Us

… since 2008 …

Our Vision … in practice since 2008 …

To offer our community, at no charge, an unbiased single point of contact for everything Cloud & Cloud related (e.g., Clusters, HPC, Parallel, Distributed, Grid, BigData, & IoT)

— from multiple perspectives (e.g., consumer/enterprise, provider/business, developer/technologist)

— from multiple providers (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RedHat)

— from multiple professionals (i.e., those who actually live/use what they talk about)

case in point: venue by Microsoft Houston ~ site & email by Google ~ HCCUG.org site design & logo are ©/owned and provided by ValZane™ Corp. (another sponsor of HCCUG.org) ~ our presentations span multiple products, such as, AWS, Azure, G-Suite, Hadoop, Office365, OpenStack.

Our History … our evolution with the Cloud …

Founded in 2008 by Anthony {Tex} & Samantha Moreign, as another Community Effort of/by Hybrid Decisions Corp, with the support of steadfast friends (listed below).

2008 to 2010 : HCCUG=Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group - was closed to members only, as the Cloud was in its infancy.

2010 onwards: HCCUG=Houston Cloud Computing User Group - open to all, at-no-charge, focus on Cloud & Cloud related

2017 onwards: revamped HCCUG — monthly meetings, every 4th Wednesday

1. more meetings = more content/goodies/opportunities/goodies for our community

2. more content = while other user groups expand into the mainstream Cloud offerings (e.g., Azure), we forge further ahead, e.g., BigData & IoT

3. more open = more non-Microsoft and more sponsors mean more for our community

Our Founders & Friends …

Anthony {Tex} Moreign – founder, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org

Samantha Moreign – co-founder, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org

J Sawyer – president, Houston .NET User Group (& Microsoft MVP)

David Cravey – president, Houston C++ User Group (& Microsoft MVP)

John Hellman – director, Houston TechFest

Victor Chataboon – chairman, Houston SharePoint UG and SharePoint Saturday Houston

Michael Steinberg – president, Houston TechFest

Philip Wheat – board of advisors, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org

Valentino Moreign – founding member & VP Social Media, HCCUG.org

Zane Moreign – founding member & Registrar, HCCUG.org

Our ~900 members and counting have access select social media …

As we execute our 2017-revamp, we are happy to announce, as of Oct-2017 we were 850+ members & counting, overall across the following ...

— www.HCCUG.org ~ main website (NEW site launched 2018)

Linkedin.com/groups/3710223 ~ for VERIFIED Members only

Meetup.com ~ joined Feb-21-2017, the night before our Feb meeting …

Twitter.com ~ just started

YouTube.com/channel/UCLEMjqm3YDC4dsOcw43QY9Q ~ select videos

— Facebook.com ~ DEPRECATED

... and just as Cloud computing is evolving, so are we ... and you can be a part of it ... REGISTER/SIGN-UP (see top of this page)

Key Sponsors:

Microsoft Houston & Redmond

~ for helping us get started (in 2008) with venue (and even free parking at their old/previous Houston location)


~ for Google Apps/G-Suite (e.g., website, email, YouTube with live-stream, and even phone number)

~ for more support in 2018, resulting in us launching/running the new www.meetup.com/Houston-Google-Cloud-User-Group ...

Hybrid Decisions Corp

~ for being our founding and sole sponsor for everything else since 2008 …