About Us

Decade-1 : 2008 …

Decade-2 : 2018 …

Our vision in practice since 2008 … steadfast through 2020/Covid … evolving even stronger in 2021

To offer our community an unbiased single point of contact for Cloud Computing & AI (e.g., Clusters, HPC, Parallel, Distributed, Grid, BigData, Data Science, AI/ML/TensorFlow, Quantum, & IoT), and Network-n-Talks by computing professionals for {Decision Makers, Software Developers, Computer Science students} interested in adopting/developing Cloud & AI tech.

— from multiple perspectives (e.g., consumer/enterprise, provider/business, developer/technologist, & academia)

— from multiple providers (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RedHat, & more)

— from multiple professionals (i.e., those who share/talk about what they actually live/use)

case in point: venue by Microsoft Houston ~ site & email by Google ~ HCCUG.org site design & logo are ©/owned and provided by ValZane™ Corp. (another sponsor of HCCUG.org) ~ our presentations span multiple products, such as, AWS, Azure, G-Suite, Hadoop, Office365, OpenStack, TensorFlow, and more!

Our history and evolution with the Cloud …

Founded in 2008 by The Moreign Family as another Community Effort of/by Hybrid Decisions Corp, with the support of friends, well-wishers, and like-minded individuals in Houston, Texas, US, and now Globally.

2008 onwards : HCCUG=Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group — was closed to members only, as the Cloud was in its infancy.

2010 onwards: transitioned name (HCCUG=Houston Cloud Computing User Group) — open to all, at-no-charge.

2017 onwards: we revamped and blew up (from <300 in Jan to ~1K members in 1 year) and …

    1. more meetings = more content/goodies/opportunities for our community,

    2. more content = while other user groups expand into the mainstream Cloud offerings (e.g., Azure), we continued to forge further ahead with new/upcoming Cloud & Cloud-related, e.g., BigData & IoT, and now Applied AI/ML with TensorFlow,

    3. more open-source = started highlighting we've been doing FOSS and now more non-Microsoft so more for our community.

2018 : continued the gradual roll out of new & improved options

  • we opened event sponsorship to select companies like Snowflake Computing , Canonical/Ubuntu, & Zerto,

  • launched Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston),

  • all culminating with our 10th Anniversary Party on Dec-13, 2018 click-here to get a glimpse .

2019 : The explosive growth of HCCUG.org™ in 10 years coupled with the rising-demand for services from the community, HybridDecisions.com's leadership decided to spin-up a new entity HybridCloudGroup.org™ to cater to HCCUG.org™ and more. To ensure the 10+ years of history continues, HybridCloudGroup.org™ continues to use the HCCUG.org™ Logo & URL (why? google juice), and now caters to even more user groups while continuing to serve the Houston Cloud Computing User Group and adding new services and more ... click here to see the progress.

2020: Though we did not hold any events from Mar-2020 … we are happy to have been of help 1:1 in our community and that we keep confidential as it was 1:1 and we respect privacy.

2021: … monitoring CDC & Local recomendations while we phase in our streamlined new-offerrings with caution as SAFETY is our #1 priority for all!

Our founders and friends/volunteers …

Shout out to all, for volunteering time and knowledge …

Anthony {Tex} Moreign – founder & speaker, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org™

Samantha Moreign – co-founder & organizer, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org™

Zane Moreign – founding member, co-organizer, and speaker

Valentino Moreign – founding member, co-organizer, and speaker

David Cravey – HCCUG.org™ Meetup.com Sponsor, speaker, founder of Houston C++ UG, and former Microsoft C++ MVP of the year!

Philip Wheat – HCCUG.org™ Advisor, speaker, scientist, and a whole lot more (e.g, former Microsoftie)

Scott Wierschem – Community Leader, and Java speaker (JavaOne 2017, Oracle Code One 2018 & 2019)

Tin Le – Community Leader, and HCCUG.org™ Coordinator

We now have a new level of volunteers, experienced and willing to give/share their time & decades of experience, our Volunteer Community Leaders a.k.a. "SliverBacks" – the Silver signifying (L)earned Experience ~and~ Backs as in ... well you get it!

Short list of folks who have been there at various points over the last decade …

J Sawyer (president & speaker), Houston .NET User Group (former Microsoftie & Microsoft MVP) and many others

Michael Steinberg (founder & president), directors John Hellman & Eric Heskett, and others at Houston TechFest

Victor Chataboon (chairman), Rick Garcia (president), and others at Houston SharePoint UG & SharePoint Saturday Houston

Nancy Hidy Wilson, Allen Kinsel, Joe Hellsten, Jamey Johnston, Devon, and others at Houston.PASS.org

… and so many others, some who prefer to be anonymous and our apologies to those whom we've mistakenly not mentioned!

To reciprocate —

we have given Talks at every Houston SQL Saturday, Houston TechFest (except 2018), every SharePoint Saturday Houston (before 2016),

and with the 2017 revamp we expanded beyond Houston … SQL Saturday Baton Rouge, Oracle Code One, Mascone, San Fransico