About Us

Decade-1 : 2008 …

Decade-2 : 2018 …

Our vision in practice since 2008 … steadfast through 2020/Covid … evolving even stronger in 2021

To offer our community an unbiased single point of contact for Cloud Computing & AI (e.g., Clusters, HPC, Parallel, Distributed, Grid, BigData, Data Science, AI/ML/TensorFlow, Quantum, & IoT), and Network-n-Talks by computing professionals for {Decision Makers, Software Developers, Computer Science students} interested in adopting/developing Cloud & AI tech.

— from multiple perspectives (e.g., consumer/enterprise, provider/business, developer/technologist, & academia)

— from multiple providers (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RedHat, & more)

— from multiple professionals (i.e., those who share/talk about what they actually live/use)

case in point: venue by Microsoft Houston ~ site & email by Google ~ HCCUG.org site design & logo are ©/owned and provided by ValZane™ Corp. (another sponsor of HCCUG.org) ~ our presentations span multiple products, such as, AWS, Azure, G-Suite, Hadoop, Office365, OpenStack, TensorFlow, and more!

Our history and evolution with the Cloud …

Founded in 2008 by The Moreign Family as another Community Effort of/by Hybrid Decisions Corp, with the support of friends, well-wishers, and like-minded individuals in Houston, Texas, US, and now Globally,

2008 onwards : HCCUG=Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group — was closed to members only, as the Cloud was in its infancy.

2010 onwards: transitioned name (HCCUG=Houston Cloud Computing User Group) — open to all, at-no-charge.

2017 onwards: we revamped and blew up (from <300 in Jan to ~1K members in 1 year) and …

    1. more meetings = more content/goodies/opportunities for our community,

    2. more content = while other user groups expand into the mainstream Cloud offerings (e.g., Azure), we continued to forge further ahead with new/upcoming Cloud & Cloud-related, e.g., BigData & IoT, and now Applied AI/ML with TensorFlow,

    3. more open-source = started highlighting we've been doing FOSS and now more non-Microsoft so more for our community.

2018 : continued the gradual roll out of new & improved options

  • we opened event sponsorship to select companies like Snowflake Computing , Canonical/Ubuntu, & Zerto,

  • launched Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston),

  • all culminating with our 10th Anniversary Party on Dec-13, 2018 click-here to get a glimpse.

2019 : The explosive growth of HCCUG.org™ in 10 years coupled with the rising-demand for services from the community, HybridDecisions.com's leadership decided to spin-up a new entity HybridCloudGroup.org™ to cater to the growing demands on HCCUG.org™ for more. To ensure the 10+ years of history continues, HybridCloudGroup.org™ continues to use the HCCUG.org™ Logo & URL (why? google juice), and now caters to even more user groups while continuing to serve the Houston Cloud Computing User Group and adding new services and more … click here to see the progress.

2020: Though we did not hold any events from Mar-2020 … we are happy to have been of help 1:1 in our community and that we keep confidential as it was 1:1 and we respect privacy.

2021: … monitoring CDC & Local recomendations while we phase in our streamlined new-offerrings with caution as SAFETY is our #1 priority for all!

~ Our core principles are steadfast, such as, MEMBER PRIVACY (attendee list, food choices, etc.)

    • In 10+ years, we have NEVER given out our member/attendee list, and thank our sponsors for respecting this!!

~ New streamlined focus between meetups & events,

  • new entity HybridCloudGroup.org to take over HCCUG.org's efforts & more — Launched!

  • streamlined Houston Cloud Computing user group back to our roots of performance/cluster/distributed computing & more Launched!

  • new Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group — Launched!

  • new Houston Kotlin user group organized by Zane Moreign, with approval from JetBrains — Launching July-2019!

  • new C language focus added by Zane Moreign (inherited from Tex), with David Cravey's blessing, to David's C++ user group — Launched!

  • new VARYING Monthly Cadence, multiple Venue option, multiple focus User Groups, and more — Launched!

venue #1: HCCUG.org @ Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

venue #2: HCCUG.org @ Microsoft Technology Center, 750 Town and Country Blvd 1000, Houston, TX 77024

  • More/Other venues to be announced for events as needed.

  • Before Covid, no meeting in Nov & Dec as that's family time but we had Christmas Parties :-)

~ New "NETWORKING" focused programs & events:

    • new HybridCloudLabs™ BRING YOU LAPTOP program for hands-on topics, such as, Machine Learning, Azure, Linux, Zane's Simple_Safety™ series, etc.

    • new Network-n-Talks program to focus on more time for Peer-to-Peer networking/connections/chats, while still having some focused Talk(s).

    • new first HybridCloudNow™ conference with HybridCloudFest™ (after-event), HybridCloudConnect™, and New HybridCloudInsiders™ are in collaboration with HybridDecisions.com

    • new LIMITED Sponsor program ~ we want our members to feel comfortable attending without being badgered with access to select vendors, e.g., Microsoft, Google, RedHat, Amazon/AWS, etc.

~ New event-registration program:

      • We strive to ensure NO WASTAGE of — (a) Food, (b) Effort, and (c) Resources, e.g., denying a seat to someone who really wanted to attend/learn/network — while still trying to provide more services/benefits (e.g., dietary constraints) and taking care of those who take care of such things, and recognize Speakers & Volunteers, etc.

      • ONLY confirmed reservations will have access to events.

      • RSVPs on Meetup.com DO NOT COUNT.

      • Ensure you are a registered HybridCloudGroup.org member. Only those registered on HCCUG.org site are eligible to be confirmed and can provide us their preferences, such as, food choices/dietary constraints!

~ Quite some things are things imminent for 2021:

  • We are looking at ways to continue to grow and to support that growth!

  • We have launched a new LIMITED sponsorship program,

  • We have a new Membership Application, and are EVALUATING option for members who wish to pay/support our efforts (of course with new/special benefits) … and welcome any ideas/suggestions!

  • Those who know us know we support those who support us

  1. Those who braved traffic/weather/etc., over the years to attend our events, i.e., Active Members*** before 2019 will be grandfathered into one of the new paid membership levels ~ let's continue to grow together!!!

  2. Those who Serve(d), e.g., our Veterans, etc. we aim to provide extremely feasible options

Our founders and friends/volunteers …

~ Shout out to all, for volunteering time and knowledge …

  • Anthony {Tex} Moreign – founder & speaker, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org™

  • Samantha Moreign – co-founder & organizer, Hybrid Decisions Corp & HCCUG.org™

  • Zane Moreign – founding member, co-organizer, and speaker

  • Valentino Moreign – founding member, co-organizer, and speaker

  • David Cravey – HCCUG.org™ Meetup.com Sponsor, speaker, founder of Houston C++ UG, and former Microsoft C++ MVP of the year!

  • Philip Wheat – HCCUG.org™ Advisor, speaker, scientist, and a whole lot more (e.g, former Microsoftie)

  • Scott Wierschem – Community Leader, and Java speaker (JavaOne 2017, Oracle Code One 2018 & 2019)

  • Tin Le – Community Leader, and HCCUG.org™ Coordinator

We now have a new level of volunteers, experienced and willing to give/share their time & decades of experience, our Volunteer Community Leaders a.k.a. "SliverBacks" – the Silver signifying (L)earned Experience ~and~ Backs as in ... well you get it!

Short list of folks who have been there at various points over the last decade …

click here to read more

… and so many others, some who prefer to be anonymous and our apologies to those whom we've mistakenly not mentioned!

To reciprocate —

we have given Talks at every Houston SQL Saturday, Houston TechFest (except 2018), every SharePoint Saturday Houston (before 2016),

and with the 2017 revamp we expanded beyond Houston … SQL Saturday Baton Rouge, Oracle Code One, Mascone, San Fransico