About Us

since 2008 … now in Decade-2

our vision in practice since 2008 … steadfast through 2020/Covid expanded & enhanced in 2021

* Cloud Computing is the backbone of our interconnected world.  Our group covers pretty much anything of importance within this world  (such as,  ROI, CapEx, High-Performance & High-Availability Clusters, Parallel,  Distributed,  Grid,  BigData,  Data Science, AI/ML/TensorFlow,  Productivity (e.g., Microsoft365/GoogleWorkspace),  Security,  GDPR,  Quantum, &  IoT, and more) … thus the 2021 Offerings breakdown (on home page) to cater to specific/depth technology focuses and adoption/breadth business focuses.

our history & evolution (2008 … 2020)

The founders of Hybrid Decisions Corp (The Moreign Family),  founded HCCUG.org™ in 2008  as another Community Effort to giveback, with the support of  friends, well-wishers, and like-minded individuals (within Houston & Texas,  across US, and Overseas), with Hybrid Decisions Corp as the founding Patron sponsoring all efforts in-full & upfront of HCCUG.org™/HybridCloudGroup.org™ .

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2008 ish :   HCCUG = Houston Cloud & Cluster User Group — Cloud Computing was in its infancy and was building upon Clusters (that have been around forever) was a closed group as members were under NDA … and Microsoft's Cloud was still in its codename/pre-release phase, "Red Dog",  that later became Azure.

2010 :  transitioned name (HCCUG=Houston Cloud Computing User Group) — open to all, at-no-charge. and welcomed David Cravey's C++ User Group.

2017 :  we revamped and blew up (from <300 in Jan to ~1K members in 1 year) and … began laying the foundation for the next wave

2018 :  continued the gradual roll out of new & improved options laying & expanding the foundation for the next wave

2019 launched & managed 3 official/recognized user groups, and added the C while continuing to serve the Houston Cloud Computing User Group,  while adding new services and more 

Community Center venue:      HCCUG.org  @  Tracy Gee Community Center,  3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Microsoft Technology Center Venue:    HCCUG.org  @  Microsoft Technology Center,  750 Town and Country Blvd 1000, Houston, TX 77024

                                                                    >>> THANK YOU MICROSOFT for ALL THESE YEARS!!!

2020:  Covid, we shifted focus to helping 1:1 in our community  [details are confidential as it was 1:1 and we are pro-privacy].

2021 onwards …  slew of launches of new & streamlined offerings with caution as SAFETY is our #1 priority for all … while continuing our vision!

In a world that shies away from the very values that make us … 

this community effort of ours is steadily growing over 12+ years because our friends & volunteers of various Faiths support our efforts to giveback … thus personifying  giveback/their-Faith … and are living examples of  "Politics & Religion Divide … Faith Unites"  —  from The_Moreign_Dogma™

our founders & friends/volunteers  …  are folks who already giveback to the community, at no charge, without expecting anything in return!  Sharing their time & decades of (L)earned experience with the community via other events & user-groups When they giveback via our efforts,  we consider them as being "for us" & "with us" and sincerely appreciate them — some mentioned below, many not mentioned!

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▸  our founders … volunteering their time, efforts, etc.

▸  our friends/volunteers  … 

▹  those who have been there since the beginning  …  i.e, community leaders/advocates, US-South-Central 

  short list of those who have been there at various points in time  …  i.e, community leaders/advocates,  Houston-area User Groups

 … and so many others, including those prefer to remain anonymous  …  our sincere apologies to those whom we've mistakenly not mentioned!

prior to Mar-2020/Covid,  to reciprocate, we gave Talks —