All about Cloud Computing & Businesses leveraging Cloud

available via Houston Cloud Computing User Group (since 2008)

  • Data has always been at the heart of our society — but data is raw and needs processing & analysis to discover/extract Information —that has been at the heart of our data-driven society (think all the way back through the history of our world, military, etc.);

  • Networks (human & computing) are the nervous system that interconnects our world;

  • Cloud is where all that data is being aggregated & processed … now with AI.

Cloud computing has been expanded to be all encompassing, from the datacenters (in mountains, sub-sea, etc) to the edge/phone, and everything in between. We cover pretty much anything of importance within this world (such as, ROI, CapEx, High-Performance & High-Availability Clusters, Parallel, Distributed, Grid, BigData, Data Science, AI/ML/TensorFlow, Productivity (e.g., Microsoft365/GoogleWorkspace), Security, GDPR, Quantum, & IoT, and more) … thus the 2021 Offerings breakdown (on home page) to cater to the most requested specific/depth technology focuses and adoption/breadth business focuses.

Computing & Business focus is not new for 2021 and has always been offered via Houston Cloud Computing User Group (since 2008). In 2021 we are highlighting the focus on function/use/adoption and focus on technologyso non-techies can feel comfortable to attend, and benefit too.

Stay tuned for …

business/function focused events for decision-makers/executives, (e.g., Chief-Data-Officers)


computing/technology focused events for Cloud practitioners across multiple Clouds (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Microsoft/Office 365, AWS, RedHat, etc.)

… to help in decisions that require multi-vendor perspectives, spanning DevOps, Data Security, and more

Events … cautiously resuming 2021-H2 (monitoring covid)


2021 Jun-12 (online) and Jun-16 (in-person event, 6-8pm):
another Exclusive Talk for Houston Investors Association (HIA) — this is primarily for HIA members,

2021 Jun-16 (in-person event, 6-8pm): HCCUG.org @ Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042


2021 July-(in-person event, click here to register):

HCCUG.org™ event on Simple_Safety™ — this is limited to only confirmed attendees.

  • Anyone (HCCUG.org members & non-members) can apply, but seating is limited

  • confirmations will be sent on a rolling basis,

  • registration opens few days before the event.

new HybridCloudGroup.org™ Evidence Showcase (in-person event, time & date TBA July-2021),

presented by a non-techie who wanted to get into computing, came to our Houston Cloud Computing User Group event Jan-2020was introduced to Houston Kotlin User Group, started his tech life with Kotlin and the FREE JetBrains IDE, built his first Android App … and got his first tech job at a Fortune 500 company, in 2020 despite covid!

one of those who cared enough to comeback and thank us ... and we are happy to support his debut in Speaking on tech!

Feel free to contact us to get involved :-)