All about Data Computing & Businesses leveraging Data

launching 2021-H2

  • Data has always been at the heart of our society — but data is raw and needs processing & analysis to discover/extract Information —that has been at the heart of our data-driven society (think all the way back through the history of our world, military, etc.);

  • Networks (human & computing) are the nervous system that interconnects our world.

  • Cloud is where all that data is being aggregated & processed … now with AI.

Cloud computing has been expanded to be all encompassing, from the datacenters (in mountains, sub-sea, etc) to the edge/phone, and everything in between. We cover pretty much anything of importance within this world (such as, ROI, CapEx, High-Performance & High-Availability Clusters, Parallel, Distributed, Grid, BigData, Data Science, AI/ML/TensorFlow, Productivity (e.g., Microsoft365/GoogleWorkspace), Security, GDPR, Quantum, & IoT, and more) … thus the 2021 Offerings breakdown (on home page) to cater to the most requested specific/depth technology focuses and adoption/breadth business focuses.

This is new for 2021, another offering focused on function/use & technology basically All-about-Data: the Business-of-Data, Data Security, Data Privacy/GDPR, Data Science, Databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.), Cloud Databases, and more so non-techies in our community, can feel comfortable to attend, and benefit too.

Stay tuned for …

business/function focused events for decision-makers/executives, (e.g., Chief-Data-Officers)


computing/technology focused events for data professionals (e.g., Architects, Back-end Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, etc.), across multi-model & SQL Databases, with *QL (GraphQL, SQL, etc.)

to help in decisions that require multi-vendor perspectives, spanning DevOps, Data Security, and more

  • This has assimilated the Houston PostgreSQL User Group founded by Zane in 2019, with the support of PostgreSQL leadership — shout out to Robert Treat!

Events … cautiously resuming 2021-H2 (monitoring covid)

new focus on a series, details to be provided shortly

Meanwhile, feel free to contact us to get involved :-)