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launching 2021-H2

Congrats Brothers Moreign {Valentino + Zane} & Massimo Martinelli

for placing 6th out of 7573 teams in a worldwide AI/ML competition
the only Americans in the top 10

register here for the Nov-18 highlights event ... meanwhile, click here for linkedin article

Disclosure: this is the first time ever that Valentino, Zane, Massimo have competed in an AI competition

This is new for 2021, another offering focused on function/use & technology — basically All about Businesses leveraging AI ethically & responsibly, e.g., respecting privacy.

Stay tuned for …

business/function focused events for decision-makers/executives, (e.g., Chief-Data-Officers)


computing/technology focused events for AI practitioners

… to help in decisions that require multi-vendor perspectives, spanning DevOps, Data Security, and more

Events … cautiously resuming 2021-H2 (monitoring covid)

new focus on a series, details to be provided shortly

Meanwhile, feel free to contact us to get involved :-)