July-22: Re-Connect Event

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✥ Re-Connecting after 2020 + new focus on members helping themselves & other members

⟫⟫⟫ NEW multiple short-sessions, covering:

~ Simple_Safety™ for Windows 11,

~ Announcing 9+ NEW Offerings + NEW Program, focused on providing clarity with pointers for further reading/learning

~ Showcase event, NETWORKING, and a whole lot more ...

✥ For your safety

    • we are providing individually packaged snacks and bottled water (instead of Pizza)

    • we are requesting all our members to practice safer living as a courtesy (e.g., masks, common-sense distancing :-)

✥ Schedule

~~~ 5ish our rooms are available … folks are welcome to come in anytime after 5ish :-)

      • 5ish6ish : new HybridCloudGroup.org™ Private-Time launching Aug-19,

— folks can reserve 1:1 time with Leadership or other members,

Private-Time can be requested via contact form ahead of time, or while registering for the event.

Walk-ins are welcome, based on availability.

~~~ 6ish onwardsNETWORK/CONNECT/CATCHUP — as most folks begin arriving at this time

6:30ish new multiple short-sessions, focused on providing clarity with pointers for further reading/learning

  • HybridCloudGroup.org™ Showcase success story of an individual who got into tech via us, and into a Fortune 500, all during covid/2020!

  • quick highlights of HybridCloudGroup.org™ new Offerings + new Programs + more ... e.g., NEW Membership Program & WHY, and more

  • Simple_Safety™ Series: quick peek into Windows 11 (july 2021 preview) + DPSK™ Surviving on Windows 10 & 11

~~~ 8:10ish Q&A plus NETWORKING Continued

~~~ 8:40ishwrap-up

8:55 — per facility rules, everyone must be out of the building — good night folks!

*** event made possible by our Founding Patron, Hybrid Decisions®

Anyone (members & non-members) can apply, but seating is limited to only confirmed attendees

event confirmations will be sent out on a rolling basis, starting July-21

Confirmations will be sent out on a rolling basis