May-24 event

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✥   Zane Moreign will be giving a talk on his expanded Simple_Safety™ Series  that goes beyond just systems, into other aspects of surviving in this data-for-sale world,  e.g., banking, credit, etc.

✥  Event is open to all (not just our members) — register below

✥  Schedule

~~~  5ish  —  reserved for registered members ... and those with reserved 1:1 time 

— folks can reserve 1:1 time with Leadership or other members, 

  Private-Time can be requested via contact form ahead of time, or while registering for the event.  

~~~  6ish onwards  —  NETWORK/CONNECT  — as most folks begin arriving at this time

~~~  6:40ish  — fluid event 

~~~  8:20ish  —  wrap-up

   8:45 —  to adhere to facility rules,  everyone must be out of the building  — good night folks!

*** event made possible by our Founding Patron,  Hybrid Decisions®

Anyone (members & non-members)  can apply, but remember seating is limited

event confirmations not needed for this event,  registrations are auto-confirmed for this event

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