Zane_Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Series

builds  upon  years of  experience (since well before 2017 launch)  …  sharing at no-charge for friends of our community 


While the world catches up to where we were years ago   

(e.g., the stampede triggered by Elon Musk's tweet ... reg. WhatsApp's supposed privacy) 

It must feel good to know you have been ahead of the herd by just following  ~and~ have been benefiting/enjoying Zane Moreign's  Pro-Privacy ideas & tools for FREE  for so many years! 

Note:    this screenshot is kept here as proof of how long ago this was done — the tools shown here have been updated since, see Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit™ (DPSK™).

Welcome to 

Zane Moreign's  Simple_Safety™  {Digital Privacy + Survival + More}  Offerings

builds  upon  years of  growing up in Hybrid Decisions® Incubation Labs + Professional Computing Community — since well before launching this in 2017

Personal Note::  what I share may not be posh & polished ... but will be of immediate value & straight-to-the-point.

1)  Zane Moreign's  Simple_Safety™   Video Series (below)  
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▹  Playlist:  Teasers, Talks, & Events

e.g., raising the question as to "Why Facebook & other trackers are on my bank account web page — after I log into my account?   If that matter then attend the Talks, and if you are unable to attend, then the enjoy the recordings :-)

▹  Playlist:  Tutorials & How-To's   

e.g., using Teams via the WebBrowser without downloading/installing Teams software,  and  using the tools within  DPSK™ 

▹  Playlist:  Product Gotchas & Reviews — it's about what to look for in a product   

e.g.,  heat-maps showing the heat bleeding through the keyboard,  and highlighting the ridiculous  new-location of the power-button on some models

2)  Zane Moreign's  Simple_Safety™   Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit™ (DPSK™)

for  Windows 10  &  11,   Linux,  Android,  

 with some for Mac & iOS  despite Apple constantly making things harder, e.g., google-tells-apple-fix-texting-between-android-iphone 

These FREE/no-charge  Third-Party Offerings ("TPO")  are

Note:  This new DPSK™  launched in 2021 … is the result of years of evolution & growth expanding upon the vision of the initial "Zane's  Simple_Safety™ Toolkit  FREE for Friends-n-Family" [that started in 2017 and is End-of-Life (EOL) 2020]. 

Disclaimer:  Not paid by any of the suggested products; suggestions provided are just that, sugestions, and you are responsible to do your due-diligence, educate yourself, and decide for yourself, as I do not wish to waste time rehashing what they have already explained well on their respective site.

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~~~ Zane's  Simple_Safety™ Toolkit  FREE for Friends-n-Family … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020  ~~~

2  ⊹  announcing … Zane Moreign's   Simple_Safety™   Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit (DPSK) … release scheduled for 2021-Q2

~~~ Zane's  Simple_Safety™ Toolkit  FREE for Friends-n-Family … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020  ~~~

DPSK™ :   Living the Online-Life (focus: bare-minimum for web-browsing)

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more options below

  DPSK™ :   Living the Remote-Life (focus: remote-working with laptop)

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  DPSK™ :   Living the Mobile-Life (focus: streamlining phones/devices)

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  DPSK™ :   Living with Windows             (Band-aids, Duct-tape, WD-40,  & More  for  Windows 10 & 11)

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after significant research ... Initial Release:  2017-Oct
 updated for since windows 11 first preview build 

Concise set of Third-Party Offerings ("TPO")  that do their best to plug the privacy & other holes in Windows 10  &  Windows 11.   Some of these TPOs have been around since Windows10  first previewed.  

The most comprehensive of the lot — proceed with caution

(CAUTION: This can gut the entire "store/metro apps" thus reducing the noise/chatter — making Windows fly :-)

3)  Articles & more

5)  Next public event: