HCCUG.org™ is now HybridCloudGroup.org™

  • HybridCloudGroup.org preserves HCCUG.org LOGO & URL as they have 10-years of history, local and online (a.k.a. Google juice)
  • Per HCCUG.org's 10th anniversary announcements, effective 2019, all HCCUG.org efforts are powered by HybridCloudGroup.org … more info see About us

✥ Our community user groups/meetups

continuing to provide something new/fresh/different with the Cloud — both closed source & open source.

2019 ♦ Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group ... TensorFlow.org approved ( github | TensorFlow.org)

ORGANIZER: Valentino Moreignwith access to former Microsoft Research and other Microsofties, now at AWS, Google, etc.,

2019 ♦ Houston Kotlin user group … KotlinLang.org/JetBrains approved

ORGANIZER: Zane Moreign

2019 ♦ Houston PostgreSQL user group

ORGANIZER: Zane Moreign

2018 Houston Google Cloud user group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston) … GOOGLE requested us to run it

… ORGANIZER: Valentino Moreign"REST ASSURED:⟹ as long as I/Valentino am the Organizer, you can Speak/Attend any event knowing your PROFILE data will NOT be given to Google :-)" ⟹ click here for details

2017 ♦ HCCUG.org™ revamp … and exploded from a cozy <300 members to ~1K in 1 year … see about us

2010 ♦ Houston C & C++ user group… to focus on what {Tex} calls Crux Computing (covering Rust, D, etc.)

… ORGANIZERS: C++: David Cravey, and C: Zane Moreign & {Tex}… Houston C++ user group was founded by Microsoft MVP of MVP's, our friend, & all-round great guy, DAVID CRAVEY, … expanded focus , with David's blessing, to include more C lang efforts of Zane Moreign

2008 ♦ Houston Cloud Computing user group… {HCCUG.org} to focus on Performance Computing (includes Cluster, IoT, and Quantum computing)

… by {Tex} & Samantha founded in 2008 as Houston Cloud & Cluster user group focused on HPC & the "then new" thing called Cloud… and was renamed to Houston Cloud Computing to highlight us as THE Cloud folks for Houston, after all our founder/Tex was part of the Microsoft's cloud happenings under NDA

HybridCloudNow™ Special "OpenSource⋆AI" Event

✥ Another HCCUG.org™ EVENT with LIMITED SEATS — ONLY for CONFIRMED registrants

!!! SORRY NO PRESS/MEDIA ~and~ NO RECORDINGS even by attendees at this event !!!

what ⟹ TensorFlow All-Around : Advancements in AI + covering the latest TF2.0

when ⟹ Oct-19, Saturday, CHECK-IN 9:19am

where ⟹ HCCUG.org @ Microsoft, 750 Town and Country Blvd 1000, Houston, TX 77024

whom ⟹ Massimo Mascaro — is here as a FRIEND of HCCUG.org™ COMMUNITY

and is NOT here in his official capacity, i.e., Technical Director of Applied AI at Google. He has been in pivotal roles at various Tier-1's (e.g., Microsoft Research), and has an uncanny ability to straddle Research and Real-world. What matters to us more is that he is a polite no-bull straight-shooter and above all a genuine person!

PROOF: at no cost to us, he is here on a Saturday, sharing with us his family time!

Registration opens at 6pm CST on 10-10-2019

✥ SORRY NO PRESS/MEDIA ~and~ NO RECORDINGS even by attendees at this event.

✥ We thank Google PR for giving clearance for Massimo to speak!

✥ This HCCUG.org™ event is NOT endorsed or sponsored by Google. This is another HCCUG.org™ event made possible at no-charge to attendees — thanks to:

      • our Speaker: Massimo Mascaro for volunteering his time and talent!
      • our Venue: Microsoft Houston, for sponsoring/providing us venue whenever (since our inception in 2008)
      • our Patron: Hybrid Decisions® without whom we would not be around!

LIMITED SEATS — ONLY for CONFIRMED registrants ⟹⟹⟹ click here to REGISTER ⟹⟹⟹ CONFIRMATIONS with VENUE & PARKING will be sent out on rolling basis (starting from Oct-17)

HybridCloudNow™ Conference, 2020

… followed by the HybridCloudFest™ after-event

covering AI/DataScience, HybridCloud, Security, IoT, and more

with speakers from Microsoft, RedHat, OpenSource, and more

interested to be a part of it? click here to "ENGAGE"

for all the Non-Trekkies out there click here to contact the organizers

Launches & Improvements in 2019/2020

⤷ BUT our core principles remain, such as, MEMBER PRIVACY (attendee list, food choices, etc.)

      • In 10+ years, we have NEVER given out our member/attendee list, and thank our sponsors for respecting this!!
      • new Sponsor-invitee Feedback: Sponsors need to know who they invited and who showed up. Sponsors get a list of, "ONLY those attendees who flag they were invited by that particular Sponsor" during attendee registration (e.g., those who flagged "via Google employee" for event-190220) — Launched!

⤷ New streamlined focus between meetups & events,

      • new entity HybridCloudGroup.org to take over HCCUG.org's efforts & more — Launched!
      • streamlined Houston Cloud Computing user group back to our roots of performance/cluster/distributed computing & more Launched!
      • new Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group — Launched!
      • new Houston Kotlin user group organized by Zane Moreign, with approval from JetBrains — Launching July-2019 !
      • new C language focus added by Zane Moreign (inherited from Tex), with David Cravey's blessing, to David's C++ user group — Launched!
      • new Monthly Cadence, multiple Venue option, multiple focus User Groups, and more — Launched!
        • More venues to be announced for other events as needed.

⤷ New "NETWORKING" focused programs & events:

      • new HybridCloudLabs™ BRING YOU LAPTOP program for hands-on topics, such as, Machine Learning, Azure, Linux, Zane's Simple_Safety™ series, etc.
      • new Network-n-Talks program to focus on more time for Peer-to-Peer networking/connections/chats, while still having some focused Talk(s).
      • new first HybridCloudNow™ conference with HybridCloudFest™ (after-event), HybridCloudConnect™, and New HybridCloudInsiders™ are in collaboration with HybridDecisions.com
      • new LIMITED Sponsor program ~ we want our members to feel comfortable attending without being badgered with access to select vendors, e.g., Microsoft, Google, RedHat, Amazon/AWS, etc.

⤷ New membership program:

      • ALL our Meetup.com user groups will continue to be @no-charge membership for 2019 :-)
      • We strive to ensure NO WASTAGE of — (a) Food, (b) Effort, and (c) Resources, e.g., denying a seat to someone who really wanted to attend/learn/network — while still trying to provide more services/benefits (e.g., dietary constraints) and taking care of those who take care of such things, and recognize Speakers & Volunteers, etc.
      • Therefore, ONLY confirmed reservations will have access to events. Ensure you are a registered HybridCloudGroup.org member. Only those registered on HCCUG.org site are eligible to be confirmed and can provide us their preferences, such as, food choices/dietary constraints!
      • To be able to afford these things, we will be launching new LIMITED sponsorship program, new option for members who wish to pay/support our efforts (of course with new benefits) … and welcome any ideas/suggestions!
      • Those who know us know we support those who support us
        1. Those who braved traffic/weather/etc., over the years to attend our events, i.e., Active Members*** before 2019 will be grandfathered into one of the new paid membership levels ~ let's continue to grow together!!!
        2. Those who Serve(d), e.g., our Veterans, etc. we aim to provide extremely feasible options

** NO monthly meetings in Nov & Dec as that's family time but stay tuned as there could be some surprises :-)***Active Members are those who have attended at a minimum of "1" in-person event, yes you read that correctly, "one" event/meetup in a 12 month rolling period and are registered here/HybridCloudGroup.org!

♥ Support those who support us/you ♥

So, YOU have "no-charge" events with refreshments

      • BTW: Do you want to Sponsor | Advertise ? click here

Hybrid Decisions® — Founding Patron, since 2008

  • Our Founding Patron for everything, including getting us Microsoft & Google resources/sponsorship
  • Hybrid Decisions Corp has been funding ALL our expenses since inception in 2008

Microsoft — since 2008 … for trusting us to lockup the venue

  • Houston: for providing us with speakers, venue, and trusting us to lock-up after!
  • Redmond: for providing us with speakers, and trusting us with early/pre-release content, etc.

Google — since 2018, for partially sponsoring few Houston Google Cloud User Group events.

NOTE: Hybrid Decisions® (our Patron) has sponsored EVERY Google Cloud User Group event, either in-part or in-full for most events, so we can continue offering PRO-PRIVACY & MORE to our members & speakers ... more details here

In addition to our groups(listed above) ~ we believe the below groups/events provide great value for our members ~ above all, they are awesome folks!!!

  • NOTE: We are NOT paid by any of the following entities/persons to list/advertise their events here.

Houston LINUX User Group

— the ONLY user group that meets EVERY WEDNESDAY — has a consistent showing of some GENUINE folks— we are moving our monthly cadence effective 2020 to do more with this group … enough said!!!

— we thank them for having us every year (except 2018 due to schedule conflict)

SQL Saturday Hou & BR

— we thank Houston Area SQL Server User Group for having us speak at every SQL Saturday in Houston
— and brssug for having us in 2018 & 2019