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our prayers continue for those suffering …  

15+ years, been able to giveaway freely & for-free 

 thanks to our selfless volunteers, speakers, supporters & founding patron 


~ continuing gradual phased releases  (based on ongoing feedback, since 2018/our 10th anniversary) + expanding beyond tech for 2024/5  

~ as part of the ongoing revamp, evolving our efforts to something more relevant to post-covid … for our 15th anniversary :-)

~ meanwhile, rest  of  the  site  preserved  as-is  with minor updates   —————  stay tuned for the  NEXT  event  TBA

Cloud Computing is the backbone of our interconnected world.  We cover pretty much anything of importance within this world.  The 2021+ Offerings breakdown & focus on the adoption/breadth functions of technologies for non-techies +  most requested specific/depth technology for techies still, at no-charge for those who value & support us :-)

this preview image is being preserved to show progress since Jun-11  … more on the way!  

some important details and the importance of enjoying while achieving :-)

0)  new tier of offerings:  Lighthouse — to focus on non-techies & techies navigating  precarious & perplexing digital waters

1)    new tier of offerings:   Computing & Business Focus Groups — to focus on function (e.g., adoption, startup, grow existing business) … in addition to our Technology Focus User Groups 

2)    new  HybridCloudGroup.org™ Private-Time 1:1 time for consult/whateverbe it business or individual 

3)  new HybridCloudGroup.org™  Membership-Program 

4)  some new Member-only Benefits to help members grow e.g.,  grow their personal brand & generate revenue for themselves 

DISCLOSURE:  Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a GDG Cloud Houston) is an example of our effort to support our members' efforts  (click here for more info)

5)   new  HybridCloudGroup.org™  Digital Assets & nomenclature   

6)  some new  Event & Segments in addition to our Exclusive (restricted, strict security),  Special (collaborations), and Christmas events

launched NEW event multi-segment format (2021-H1)  that are quite different  from user-group type meetings, especially since we cater to  our multiple Computing & Business Focus Groups ~AND~ multiple Technology Focus User Groups

7)    new  HybridCloudGroup.org™ Focus-Space   dedicated space within this site,  for each focus area (Computing & Business Focus Groups, and Technology Focus User Groups)

8)    new  HybridCloudGroup.org™  Phone Appsocial media, and more (being gradually phased in)

9)   newly  revamped existing tier of Technology Focus User Groups (details to be released soon) to continue our ongoing focus on technology  tier of offerings … in addition to our Computing & Business Focus User Groups 

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2021   ♦   we are going even furtherNEW Offerings + NEW Programs + a whole lot more …  to nurture a vibrant & helpful  (local & non-local) community!

2019   ♦  Houston  TensorFlow  &  Applied AI/ML  user group  (TensorFlow.org recognized for Houston…   Valentino Moreign   (founder & primary organizer)    

    with support from Microsoft, AWS, Google, etc.,  … NOTE:   Caliber of Speakers ⟹  19.10.19  and 19.02.20
…  2021 UPDATE:  this group has been scoped to just TensorFlow as it is the official/recognized for TF, and the Applied_AI is now part of the larger new Hybrid_that_AI

2019   ♦  Houston  Kotlin  user group (KotlinLang.org/JetBrains recognized)  …  Zane Moreign  (founder & primary organizer) 

     with support from Kotlin/JetBrains & Java champions, etc.,  

2019   ♦  Houston  PostgreSQL  user group   Zane Moreign (founder & primary organizer)
...  with support from PostgreSQL leadership, etc.,  

…  2021 UPDATE:  this group has been assimilated into the larger new  Hybrid_that_Data

2018  ♦   Google  requested  us to launch & run  Houston Google Cloud  user group (a.k.a.  GDG Cloud Houston) 
  Valentino Moreign  (founder & primary organizer)  obliged Google, as part of our outreach.  
NOTE: ⟹ you can Speak/Attend any of our events knowing your PROFILE  data will  NOT  be given to Google :-)   ⟹  click here for details 

2017   ♦   HCCUG.org™ revamp … and exploded from a cozy <300 members  to   ~1K in 1 year …  see about us

2010   ♦   Houston  C & C++  user group … to focus on what {Tex} calls Crux Computing  (covering  Rust, D, etc.)  

… ORGANIZERS:  C++: David Cravey, and C: Zane Moreign & {Tex}…  Houston C++ user group was founded  by  Microsoft MVP of MVP's,  our  friend,  &  all-round  great  guy,   DAVID  CRAVEY,  …  expanded focus , with David's blessing,  to include more C lang efforts of Zane Moreign 

2008   ♦   Houston  Cloud  Computing  user group …   has always focused on Computing & Business 
…  2021 UPDATE:  this group has been expanded as the larger new  Hybrid_that_Cloud

just 1 example of our steadfast  outreach + funding + bump

…  as recent as 2021-Apr … that affects (y)our go-forward 

GDG Cloud Houston (a.k.a., Houston Google Cloud User Group) is still the only Google recognized GDG Cloud community in Houston  —AND—  per our pro-privacy standards, our GDG group is exempt from having to report the gender/sex of attendees and speakers of our events.
NOTE: We may be the only GDG group with this exemption in North America, and we thank Google for honoring our PRO-PRIVACY practice!

Issues with MEETUP.com and clarifications reg. Google's GDG Team     (not to be confused with the other teams in Google)

Thanks to HCCUG.org™  

Long story short  —  you are aware of the Meetup.com ISSUES, and the resulting immediate steps that  HCCUG.org™ is helping you/me with.

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