Houston Cloud Computing User Group

… since 2008 …

Here's to an awesome 2019!

Lots of changes tba at NEXT MEETING Jan-29 @ NEW Venue #1 (see below)

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✥ Going forward ⟼ members of ALL groups run/managed/organized by us are required to be registered here at HCCUG.org (click here to register for FREE) — even if you are registered on Meetup ~or~ Linkedin

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✥ NEW Focus ⟼ "NETWORKING with TALKS" at every event!

✥ NEW Content ⟼ something different/new/fresh, e.g., AI/ML, IoT, Quantum, etc.,

with some Cloud, e.g., Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, RedHat, DIY Cloud, etc.

✥ NEW Cadence ⟼ "LAST TUESDAY" of every month from Jan to Oct

(Nov & Dec is family time, so NO monthly meeting but ... stay tuned we have some surprises :-)

✥ NEW Venues ⟼ to emphasize "Community"

Venue #1: HCCUG.org @ Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Venue #2: HCCUG.org @ Microsoft Technology Center, 750 Town and Country Blvd 1000, Houston, TX 77024


More venues to be announced for other events

✥ NEW Format ⟼ "Networking with Talks" from 6ish pm to 8:40pm

      • Before 6pm NEW Programs launching

~~~ 6ishNETWORKING ... with PIZZA from our Sponsor :-)


7:20 — NETWORKING Continued // bio-break // speaker-change (if any)


8:25 — NETWORKING Continued

~~~ 8:40wrap-up

8:55 — good night folks!

✥ NEW Programs & Events ⟼ sneak peek of launches scheduled for 2019/2020

⤷ The first HybridCloudNow™ conference

⤷ New HybridCloudConnect™ program

⤷ New HybridCloudLabs™ program

⤷ New Sponsor program

⤷ New Membership program

      • the current @no-charge Membership to be grandfathered for active members (i.e., "active members" are those who have attended in-person at a minimum of "1", yes you read that correctly, "one" event/meetup in the year!
      • eligibility to be select-access to "Hybrid Cloud Insiders" and limited-edition goodies :-)
      • and quite some more … including recognizing Speakers & Volunteers ... and it all starts with registering as a Free Member


THANKS to our Sponsors YOU have "no-charge" events with refreshments

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Key Sponsors ~ since 2008:

  • Houston: for providing us with the venue (and even free parking at their old/previous Houston location)
  • Redmond: for providing us with speakers, preview-content, etc.

Hybrid Decisions Corp (Founder & Patron)

  • our founding and sole sponsor for everything, including getting us Microsoft & Google, since 2008 …

We encourage our members to enjoy …

  • Note: We are NOT paid by any of the following entities/persons to list their events here.

▹ Google Cloud Community via Houston Google Cloud User Group on Meetup.com

This is another community effort run by HCCUG.org. We run this in conjunction with Google. Our group is listed on Google's Cloud Community meetup listings (a.k.a Houston GDG Cloud)

we thank them for having us every year (except 2018 due to schedule conflict)

SQL Saturday Hou & BR

we thank Houston SQL Server User Group for having us speak at every SQL Saturday in Houston, and brssug for inviting us in 2018

Houston SQL Server User Group

Baton Rouge SQL Server Usr Grp