HybridCloudGroup.org™ (a.k.a. HCCUG.org™)

focuses (2021-H2)

1) newly revamped existing tier of Technology Focus User Groups (details to be released soon) to continue our ongoing focus on technology tier of offerings … in addition to our Computing & Business Focus User Groups

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2021we are going even further … NEW Offerings + NEW Programs + a whole lot more … to nurture a vibrant & helpful (local & non-local) community!

2019 ♦ Houston TensorFlow & Applied AI/ML user group (TensorFlow.org recognized for Houston) Valentino Moreign (founder & primary organizer)

with support from Microsoft, AWS, Google, etc., … NOTE: Caliber of Speakers ⟹ 19.10.19 and 19.02.20
2021 UPDATE: this group has been scoped to just TensorFlow as it is the official/recognized for TF and the Applied_AI is now part of the larger new Hybrid_that_AI

2019 ♦ Houston Kotlin user group (KotlinLang.org/JetBrains recognized)Zane Moreign (founder & primary organizer)

with support from Kotlin/JetBrains & Java champions, etc.,

2018 Google requested us to launch & run Houston Google Cloud user group (a.k.a. GDG Cloud Houston)
Valentino Moreign (founder & primary organizer) obliged Google, as part of our outreach.
NOTE: ⟹ you can Speak/Attend any of our events knowing your PROFILE data will NOT be given to Google :-) click here for details

2017 ♦ HCCUG.org™ revamp … and exploded from a cozy <300 members to ~1K in 1 year … see about us

2010 ♦ Houston C & C++ user group … to focus on what {Tex} calls Crux Computing (covering Rust, D, etc.)

… ORGANIZERS: C++: David Cravey, and C: Zane Moreign & {Tex}… Houston C++ user group was founded by Microsoft MVP of MVP's, our friend, & all-round great guy, DAVID CRAVEY, … expanded focus , with David's blessing, to include more C lang efforts of Zane Moreign

2008 ♦ Houston Cloud Computing user group … has always focused on Computing & Business
2021 UPDATE: this group has been expanded as the larger new Hybrid_that_Cloud

2) new tier of offerings: Lighthouse — to focus on non-techies & techies navigating precarious & perplexing digital waters

  • Simple_Safety™ … for non-techies & techies … Pro-Privacy & FREE tools for staying safer online

  • Simpler_AI±Quantum… those who are trying to get their head around AI & more

  • Showcase: Success Stories … to recognize those who otherwise may go unrecognized

  • tidbit for non-techies: starting at zero is a tribute to our C programming roots … so is the use of {curly braces} … (techies, enjoy the easter eggs :-)

3) new tier of offerings: Computing & Business Focus Groups — to highlight our focus on function (e.g., adoption, startup, grow existing business) … in addition to our Technology Focus User Groups

  • Hybrid_that_AI All about Businesses leveraging AI (ethically, responsibly, & other criteria) with strictly restricted events

  • Hybrid_that_Business All about Businesses leveraging Computing & the Business of Computing (startups & existing businesses) with strictly restricted events

  • Hybrid_that_Cloud All about Businesses leveraging Cloud, (multi & hybrid) Cloud Adoption, HP & HA Clusters, Cloud Productivity, etc.

  • Hybrid_that_Data All about Businesses leveraging Data, Data Security, Data Privacy/GDPR, Data Science, Databases, etc.

  • preview-image is being preserved to show progress since Jun-11 (e.g., Jul-16 announced Showcase, Private-Time, New Multi-Segment event format, etc.) … more on the way!

you can also navigate to each of our technology focus user groups and our function focus computing & business groups via our site's menu -or- the menu in the footer of this page